things to do wellsgray national park canada

The waterfall park: Canada’s fourth largest Clearwater Wellsgray

Why :
things to see wellsgray national park canada travel dejavuOn the road to Whistler Mountain, we wanted to split the road in two parts, 8 hours of driving were a bit long but we should’ve done it in one time. In Wellsgray there’s some amazing falls, so we decided to stop a bit before sleeping in Kamloops.


What :

things to do sphat falls moul falls Wellsgray National Park canada travel dejavu

Spahat Falls, quiet impressive, not far from the parking lot but still not crowded.
Moul Falls, with a small hike of 6 km, easy and flat, with a stair to go down to the falls.
Sleeping in Kamloops was nice, but not necessary. If you want to eat a good place, one of the best Asian I did in my life was there : Lemongrass Vietnamese. Crowded but super nice waitress, good prices, good food, really nice!

things to do wildlife Wellsgray National Park canada travel dejavu

The places I went to :


  • Spahat Falls
  • Moul Falls
  • Lemongrass Vietnamese Restaurant
  • One night in Knights Inn, not bad, not good, strange place


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Next stop: Whistler Mountain


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