Three Unique Cultural Experiences in Dubai

three uniques cultural experience dubai travel dejavu

holiday abroad provides travellers with the opportunity to learn an array of new and exciting things about an amazing place they have never experienced before.

Dubai – and the UAE as a whole – is very religious and cultural, as well as being modern and cosmopolitan, making it the ideal location to visit if you are interested in learning about religious and culture both locally and internationally (from the people you meet while you are there).

We are going to explore three amazing and unique cultural experiences and attractions that you can choose to take part in while in Dubai with your friends, family or if you are going solo, so be sure to add them to your itinerary:

Bollywood™ PARKS DUBAI

Bollywood™ PARKS DUBAI is the very first theme park in the world that is dedicated to all things Bollywood.

Visitors can expect action and adventure, romance and comedy, music and dance, and a whole lot of flavour and emotions – all Bollywood style, of course.

bollywood park dubai unique cultural experiences dubai travel dejavu                                                                                     Photo credits : travellerczech  com

The theme park is made up of five zones, each inspired by Bollywood blockbusters and celebrating Mumbai’s legendary film industry.

There will be live entertainment, stage performances and cinematic rides to keep every member of your circle of friend or your family members busy and happy throughout the day.

Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding

Being a uniquely cosmopolitan city, Dubai is home to families who have relocated from many parts of the world, each with their own distinctive and diverse culture.

The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding was opened to bridge the gap between expats and locals, ensuring they do live together as strangers.

sheikh mohammed centre unique cultural experiences dubai travel dejavu                                                                                       Photo credits : diningout com

The centre helps to educate travellers and expats in the traditions and customs of the United Arab Emirates through a number of courses and activities.

That Some of the most popular activities include Heritage Tours, Cultural Meals, Arabic Classes and the Jumeirah Mosque Visit.

The Cultural Meals were my favourite, as it was a chance to indulge in a tradition Emirati breakfast and lunch with freshly prepared food and great company. There was also the opportunity to ask the Emirati host any questions and take in the amazing ambiance of the wind tower house.

International Dining

Dubai is home to numerous restaurants, many owned by celebrity chefs, that serve up cuisine from across the globe.

No matter what your favourite type of cuisine is, there is an opportunity to try something you have never tied before, and eat a few of your favourite dishes.

dubai dining unique cultural experiences dubai travel dejavu                                                                                      Photo credits:  dubaipages . blogspot . co . za

Bread Street Kitchen and Bar – owned by Gordon Ramsey and located at Atlantis, The Palm – serves up classic British dishes, including his signature Beef Wellington, and there are other opportunities to try everything from Indian to Emirati cuisine, Italian and Spanish cuisine.

Delve into culture and tradition in Dubai during your holiday and return home with a new perspective of the city and more knowledge and understanding by visiting one or all of the attractions mentioned above.


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  1. I’ve never thought that Bollywood would be so popular in Dubai! For me the centre for cultural understanding would be the most interesting experience!

  2. Looks like there’s some great things to do in Dubai. To be honest, UAE holds bad memories of being treated like complete scum as a solo female traveller going through immigration at Abu Dhabi (delayed connecting flight meant I had to overnight in a hotel). It put me off ever visiting. But this looks a lot less intimidating that my imagination has generated! Thanks for giving me a different perspective. Perhaps UAE will make it back on to the list of future destinations.

  3. I had no idea there was a Bollywood theme park in Dubai – that sounds like a lot of fun! What a great idea to have the Centre for Cultural Understanding – not only does it help bridge the gap between locals and ex-pats but you also get to try some delicious local foods!

  4. I never knew Bollywood theme parks existed! How neat!

  5. Wow the Bollywood theme park sounds like a really interesting thing to visit in Dubai… not something I would necessarily expect to see. Very inspiring reference for my next trip to Dubai 🙂

  6. The first image, is it a drone photo?
    or you just take from helicopter or other taller building?
    if its a drone photo, then which device you’ve used?
    is is DJI phantom?
    I know I asked a lot of questions. But as a photo freak traveler I’ve some passions actually. 🙂

  7. I really want to visit the UAE, however I have Israeli stamps in my passport so it has caused a lot of issues getting into Arabic countries

  8. I’ve always wanted to go to Dubai! The Bollywood Theme Parks sound awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  9. We visited Dubai last year and it’s the most multi-cultural place we ever been to! Exceeded all expectations. I especially loved the food! Just as you say, you can find food from pretty much anywhere in the world in Dubai, and it’s always so good. We didn’t go to Bollywood or the cultural centre. The latter sounds like a great experience! Maybe next time. 😉

  10. Will definitely try these out when I visit Dubai – had no idea about the Bollywood theme park!

  11. Dubai sounds like a great weekend layover!

  12. It’s really interesting to know the different cultures in Dubai! So many people have moved to Dubai from various parts of the world and this is the way they get to mingle with different cultures there and make them more comfortable!

  13. I love cultural tours! After all, it’s one of the things that we want to understand or experience when visiting another country. The Bollywood Parks sound interesting to me. I wonder if the staff would suddenly break out dancing the way they do in movies haha..

    I also like the concept of Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, I think all countries should have a center like this. It would help the expats feel at home and learn to adjust to the culture of the country in which they are working.

  14. In spite of going to Dubai multiple times every year, I did not know about the cultural center for understanding. Would love to go there to be friends with locals, which is very important for all travelers. I love the different variety of food available in Dubai.

  15. Wow! Good to see Dubai has such options. I see Sharjah comparatively has more cultural experience opportunities.

  16. I love the idea od international dining, Lelo! These things make Dubai even more attractive!

  17. The Bollywood theme park seems really interesting to visit in Dubai. The Centre for Cultural Understanding seems great for those to adjust to the cultures in Dubai. Thanks for the post.

  18. I have read so much on Dubai but never seen these unique things. The Bollywood theme park seems like fun and center for cultural understanding will help so many people to mingle up.

  19. Today, Dubai has emerged as a cosmopolitan metropolis that has grown steadily to become a global city and a business and cultural hub of the Middle East and the Persian Gulf region.

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