Top 5 travel apps for summer travel

Top 5 travel apps for summer travel

Komoot is the perfect app for international cycling and hiking maps. It lets you explore road bikes and mountain bike rides. It lets you explore plan your hikes. It also contains topographic maps that lets you select unique experiences and activities particular to the place. It lets you plan your activities and itinerary in the planner. You can also listen to the turn by turn navigation to stay on course. It also offers the service while you’re offline or facing problems with WiFi networks.

Hopper is an efficient app for your summer travel plans. Check out this app when you’re planning to travel to the US or Europe. Hopper gives the cheapest flight options. It also predicts the best time and dates on which you can expect cheapest airfares. It updates you as the price of the air ticket hits the lowest.

UVLens is the best weather app designed for travels. UVLens comes handy as it provides up-to-date information about the ultra violet index of the day. It advises the best time to step out especially when your travel involves a lot of exploration on foot. It also provides classified information about burn risks and the time you can spend without applying sunscreen. It also gives constant reminders about reapplying sunscreen at regular intervals.

Rome2Rio is a comprehensive global trip planner. It helps you make local commute bookings via rail, road, underground subways and air. It lets you watch and book flights. Rome2Rio displays flight, train, bus, ferry, subway and driving options with estimated travel times and fares once you reach the destination of your choice or enter any town, address or landmark and helps you in planning your trip.

Triplt is your digital travel planner and travel organizer. It imports travel bookings from your email and instantly creates a master itinerary for you.

You can send the mails manually to the app and allow it to come up with a schedule in case you do not want to automatically sync it to your emails. It reminds you of daily travel tasks. You can share your plans and experiences with pals, peer groups and travelers with similar interests. You can also leave anonymous feedback of your experiences or get your contacts revealed by sharing with your own contacts. It alerts you about flight delays and lets you switch to alternate flights.

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  1. I travel frequently and these apps are all I needed when I travel. I am glad to learn these apps here. I will go download UVlens asap as I will be traveling to silk road in coming Saturday. I needed to know the weather in order to prepare for my clothing for the day, especially silk road where there are desert, quite unpredictable.

  2. Ahhh those are quite cool. Komoot sounds like our family would really enjoy using since as we love to hike and my son has just bought himself one of those off road bikes too. Great to know that it can be used when there’s no signal too.

  3. These apps sound awesome, I need to check them and choose one, I’m sure it’ll be handy when booking our summer vacations!

  4. Wonderful travel apps. Though I have not used any of these apps but these apps mentioned in your post are certainly very significant.

  5. very cool, thanks for sharing these apps, they might be very beneficial during my travels 🙂

  6. These all sound like great apps! The UVLens app is something that would be particularly useful that most people wouldn’t think about.

  7. I love traveling and this is something tgat is really oerfect or me. I have t try each apps to see whats the best.

  8. Elizabeth O : May 30, 2018 at 5:52 pm

    5 great apps for travellers. I definitely will be checking a few out. Things like this are so very handy indeed

  9. These all sound absolutely awesome, can’t wait to try them out. Thank you for sharing.

  10. These all sound absolutelyabsolutely awesome and useful,I can’t wait to try them out. Thank you for sharing

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