Top favorite attractions to see in Florence

Top favorite attractions to see in Florence

Florence is like finding the lost puzzle in a maze. Florence has missed turns replete with shop windows packed with panaforte laden bakeries. Florence has a unique poetic characteristic about it. The River Arno has romantic bridges with Ponte Vecchio housing little miniature shops in the structure. The central open air market kiosks are filled with pedestrians buying “Made in Firenze” souvenirs. Florence has B&B hosts all the year round. Florence has artistic heritage with over 80 museums and world famous art like Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and Michaelangelo’s David. Pedestrians can wander around and about purposelessly on the cobbled stone streets of Florence.

Lombardy’s land is the city of museums in every bylanes of Florence and is perhaps one of the most romantic things. Florence has imposing range of cathedrals with displays of sacred art, frescoes, facades, glass windows and marbled exteriors. The main cathedral of Florence, Gothic Cathedrale Di Santa Maria del Fiore, Basilica Di Santa Maria Novella in ivory and jade tones and San Lorenzo Cathedral as permanent mainstays and talking points.

Piazza del Duomo is the main hotspot with sketches by artistes, art installations made with scrap materials, mini shops selling trinkets, wares and neon helicopters. Florence is a delight for the fitness lovers who seek out for a good cardio workout session for burning calories in the labyrinths of its lanes. Google Maps and Fitbit and you are all sorted out! Shop wisely as most souvenirs in Florence are made in the warehouses called Firenze in China.

The famous mask shop of Alice’s Atelier is a must do for its collection of handcrafted pieces for the ubiquitous Venetian masks and fairy tale fixtures. The jazz music store called twisted with the friendly host dog at the entry and the traffic signs by artist Clet Abraham featuring with strategically placed symbols especially of David and the crucifixion are some of the main highlights.

The Palazzo Pitti or Pitti Palace and Boboli Gardens is an ornate Renaissance structure with manicured lawns and serves as an open air structure with statues, grottos and fountains. The Neptune Fountain is probably the most eye pleasing with resident ducks and swans sunning in glory at the base of the elaborate Neptune statue. The interiors of the palace are grand being the official residence of the Medici Clan, the Dukes of Tuscany. The palace houses a variety of museums and the rooms are packed floor to ceiling with Renaissance and Baroque art by Reuben’s, Raphael, Titian and other European greatness accompanied by the opulent family collections of silver and royal jewels of the Medici Clan.

Florence has a plethora of vintage winery locales. Florence has a unique cityscape for gourmands and hedonists with the quirky corners serving the sudden cravings of the travelers with wine, meatballs, gelato, cantuccini and panaforte. Florence is replete with gelato places and La Sorbettiere is a must do for the fresh batches of gelato in metal tubs and natural and cool tones with decades long family recipes and heirloom foods as a quintessential Gelato empire across Italy. The most recommended ones are lemon gelato and the sinful creamy dark chocolate. Some trattorias sell the best Italian meatballs and are a must both as memorable eat and for refueling. Cantuccini are local almond cookies and are a must carry back home eats for the crust and crunch. Florence is a much of vegan’s delight too with the range of food platters of ribollita, bombolini, pecorino cheese, wood fired oven pizzas, risotto, fruit mustard, spaghetti pasta, Tortellini Aglio Olio pasta, Penne Alla Vodka, a meal of Tuscan soup with farm fresh veggies, olive oil and bread spreads. 

Florence has acclaimed chefs and sommeliers working in Michelin starred restaurants offering a range of selection of ala carte specialties from each of the twenty Italian regions where food is thoughtfully sourced inspired by local, fresh and seasonal produce. Florence has restaurants where one can get to know more about cheeses, pasta types, varieties, origins and savor them from the menu.

Some of the must try potpourri of Italian delicacies are burrata cheese salad, pizzas like pazza, tonnocipolla, carciofi, pasta dishes like risotto verde, lamb casoncelli, tagliatelle and fisherman risotto. The main course includes oven baked chicken, spinach lasagne, green onion crêpes, gratinated spinach and Danish feta cheese lasagne. Some of the must try desserts are tiramisu, panna cotta raspberry coulis, frangipane, pear tart, et al.


You can also interact and watch the chefs in action tasting the personal favourites.

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