Top must do adventures in Alaska

Top must do adventures in Alaska

Alaska alias AK or “The Last Frontier” is where the sun does not set in summer and the Northern Lights stay all winter. Alaska is the 49th state of the United States with glaciers all year round in the Pacific Ocean. It is very important book well advance especially for accommodation, car and RV rentals. It is also essential to stock up on food supplies and fuel and gas when traveling away from main centers. The Southwest Alaskan frontiers are less accessible with thousands of miles of Pacific coastline and the hub to spot bears, dolphins, penguins and still active volcanoes.

Ketchikan Alaska is known as the ‘First City’ is the first major port for ferry and cruises to travel north. The ‘Mountain Point Snorkeling Adventure which is quite typical of tropical destinations is a must do. The gears for the activity are provided along with wet suit, gloves, hood and boots in the heated dressing rooms on the way to Mountain Point while swimming among the diverse marine life.

The ferry ride into the heart of the Misty Fjords also known as ‘the Yosemite of the North’ is a must do. Some of the most compelling visuals en route are the 16-ft bald eagle nest, the bathing seals, falls and the ‘New Eddystone Rock’. Ketchikan is home to the largest collection of standing totem poles in the world. The Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian communities are indigenous to Ketchikan. The carvers have kept the tradition alive.

Juneau is the ultimate spot for dog sledding as it hosts Mendenhall and the Norris glaciers. Dog sledding is the national sport of Alaska and makes for the perfect Instagram post with the Alaskan Huskies. The activity is steeply priced at 700 dollars as the Helicopter ride takes a fly over the lush canopy cover landing on the surface of the glacier with Huskies awaiting for an unforgettable sled ride over ice.

You can eat your heart out on local scouting with salmon for breakfasts, juicy Dungeness crab for lunch and Halibut for dinner as you are left spoilt for choices with bars and haunts. Ammolite gemstone is a must buy souvenir from the quaint shops. A cable ride to the peak is a must do with city views and bald eagle overhead. The ‘Tracy’s Crab Shack’ is a must visit place for the crab fest and expert cooking by Alaskan chefs.

The Icy Strait Point is a privately owned destination just outside the Hoonah hamlet named after the nearby Icy Strait of Southeast Alaska. ‘The excitement at Icy’ is the world’s largest Zip Rider and even taller than the Empire State Building over a mile long soaring at the speed of 60mph hanging in mid air over the North Pacific and is a must do once in a lifetime experience.

The ‘Whale Cruise’ is a popular excursion covering the Point Adolphus area on a ferry with sights of humpback and orcas, sea lions and seals. The Native Canoe Journey is an exclusive adventure through the waters of Port Fredrick and Icy Strait. The local guide give the entire brief of the homeland in native music.

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