Top must visit sites of the shalom Haifa city of Israel

Top must visit sites of the shalom Haifa city of Israel

The best way to exploring and getting around Israel is to renting a car for at least a part of the trip. The domestic currency of Israel is Israeli New Shekel. Israeli week workdays consist of Sundays through Thursday and the weekends are Friday and Saturday. The spiritual Israel goes through Jerusalem to Galilee. Israel can be explored by drive from one end to another in approximately eight hours.

The Ein Bokek beach of Dead Sea and mud bath with a mud pack is a must do. Haifa is filled with Jewish and Arab influences and is less touristy than Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. Haifa is the third largest city of Israel and is the center of Bahá’í faith with 19 terraces with a dome as a landmark on the mountainside of Mount Carmel. The viewpoint of Yefe Nof Street gives the perfect view of Haifa Bahá’í Gardens. A dinner getaway is a must do in the German Colony for the perfect night view. The Nahsholim Beach is a must do for a unique game of matkot which is a pedal ball game and kayaking.

A day trip to the archaeological site of Caesarea National is a must do from Haifa to explore the ruins and stone vaults by the Byzantines, Arabs, Crusaders, Mamelukes and Ottoman Turks. Haifa is an engineering marvel with a restored harbour. Haifa Port takes a special cruise to the Sea of Galilee. The temple platform and the Roman Era Promontory Palace is a must see.

Akko is a 50 minute ferry ride from Haifa Port and can be easily explored on foot. Akko is replete with Romanesque structures, cobbled alleyways and streets and outdoor markets. Akko has an Arabian Nights air to it. The underground Templars Tunnel leads from the fortress to the city port and starts with an entry from one end of the city and exits at the other.

The old city with Arabic music in the background is great for cheap dining with plethora of Falafel joints. The Khan al-Umdan in Akko is a must do. Some of the things to sample in Akko are fresh pomegranate juice, candies, Arab pastries, halvah, nougat filled pralines, whole wheat freshly baked pita bread and homemade kibbeh.

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