Top Recommended travel apps to travel safe while traveling abroad

Top Recommended travel apps to travel safe while traveling abroad

Traveling abroad for extended periods of time can be tricky at times for home surveillance fix, passwords, cookies and handset security. These specialized apps can solve your dilemma and watch your back.

TravelSafe Pro helps to find crucial information at a fast pace especially when you are traveling abroad. It lists information on emergency services around the world ensuring you have quick access in case of any contingencies. It includes contact numbers for the police, medical and fire services and also the embassy for the travelers’ home country.

RememBear is an effective and efficient password manager. It is by the makers of TunnelBear puts a tech friendly twist on password management. It also offers end to end encryption and auto fill. It can securely store all the passwords in the app.

Persona or Cerberus Personal Safety is a simple yet useful app. It allows you to share your real time location with your personal contacts. It also locates your destination for as long as you want optionally. The map opens in a web browser and so your digital pals don’t need the app installed to use it.

Manything app is an inexpensive way of investment to install a home security camera. It does not cost anything with a spare smartphone. The core of the service is free. It works once you set up a spare phone as a camera that can detect motion or sound and send alerts. It lets you see a live stream of what it captures in your absence on your main handset device smartphone.

ProtonVPN service is available and can be used for free with no bandwidth limits. It puts clear focus on security and privacy. It does not track or record your activity. It offers a number of servers all over the world. It has a “Secure Core” feature that maintains your privacy even in the adverse case when a VPN endpoint server is compromised.

Ava 24/7 Accessibility listens to what is being spoken by the subject and shows it on the screen. Alternatively, it also shows the text version of what you are saying. Ava can also learn your voice and so it automatically determines whether it is you or someone else speaking.

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  1. All these apps sound like very useful travel apps. More so when traveling for longer period abroad. Will consider using some myself.

  2. Perfect timing for this app. I can use all of these. Downloading them right now. I am especially intrigued about Ava…yes! there is a means to understand what others are saying!! Thanks so much.

  3. Waren Jean Go : June 28, 2018 at 2:26 pm

    I think I need many thing for myself coz I experienced burglary while I am away and it was the worst thing to happen when you travel coz you cannot enjoy your travel anymore. The other apps are also a good idea.

  4. These apps sound so useful! We are going travelling long term at the end of August so will refer to this to ensure I have these installed.

  5. I’m going to be traveling to Mexico in 2 weeks so this post came right on time! I’ve written down your recommendations and will look into using one of these apps while I’m traveling!

  6. I so need to download some of these apps now and test them out. I never knew anything about these apps.

  7. Oooh, some very good ideas here. I like the one where your friends and family can keep track of you on a map. You can never be too safe, especially while travelling in unfamiliar places.

  8. These apps seem very useful. I may have to look into a few of these for when we go on our travels.

  9. I travel frequently and glad to come across this post. I shall download some of this apps before departing for my next journey. No doubt I need this to help me out when I am abroad.

  10. Safty is what really important. These apps could be a big help to us while in Travel.

  11. Elizabeth O : June 29, 2018 at 1:07 pm

    This is a really helpful article. You provided some really useful information on apps to help travellers stay safe abroad!

  12. These apps sound perfect to have while traveling. Especially the emergency info one.

  13. Wow! What a wealth of resources for us travelers! Thanks so much for sharing

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