Top tech whiz hacks to help manage your prized travel photos

This is an essential guide for the snappy travelers on the go to keep all things ‘photographic’ things organised and in check. Millennials are compulsive photos takers and do not miss out on any photo-op. It is quite a task to manage the infinite shots one takes on travels. It is important to manage the extensive image volume by these smart hacks.

Google photos is the most fuss free photo app available if you want just one app to manage everything. It is highly searchable and automatically backs up to the cloud. It is also loaded with AI features that helps you make the most of the gallery.

If there is too much clutter in the storage and you snap a lot of pictures in one unique pose, then try Zyl app that recognizes duplicate images and automatically pin points the straightest and sharpest picture that you can keep for yourself. It is also the best-lit photo of all. Each set of images shows up on a unique ‘card’ with a green-starred recommendation for the image to keep. Press ‘delete’ to get rid of rest of the lot.

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Some specialized apps let you transform your snaps into luxurious-feeling outputs with hard-cover albums, panorama prints, calendar pages, fine art prints or prints in minimalist frames and designs to name a few. If you never actually look at your photos because you do not have the appropriate time to do it, then get them off your phone and into your hands with apps in the App Store and Play Store in this regard.

Try Slidebox, if you become a bag of nerves and the thought of deleting your images sends you jitters. The app lets you scroll through recent images the way you scroll through potential dates on Tinder. Swipe left and right to navigate through your files. Swipe up when you want to put a photo on the chopping block. It would stay in a separate folder until you make your final decision to permanently get rid of it.

If you use your mobile camera to take pictures, then you are likely to end up with a lot of data taking up your storage space and eventually you might be running out of storage. Google Photos now allow you to archive such items taking them off your local storage. Look for the option of the left-hand drop down menu on the home page of the app. External hard drive is an ultimate life saver for the normal cameras. Images can also get synced with built-in WiFi to a cloud storage for quick Mobile access and Social Sharing.

If you can’t find the photos you are looking for, then the native apps on both iPhone and Android have Photos and Google Photos respectively that enables to make your photo catalog searchable. Apple plots your images on a map of the world so that you can search by ‘place.’ Google Search function lets you search images by keywords. The AI Platform is vaguely perfect and comes close while it blends facial recognition and GPS data. Adobe Lightroom Premium lets you add customised tags and metadata of your own choosing to the automatically assigned keyword tags to the apps.

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