Top travel hospitality and service trends in most luxurious hotels

Top travel hospitality and service trends in most luxurious hotels

With Groupcation having been around for some time now, with travellers will continue traveling with like-minded people most likely in their networks but the twist here is about hosting travellers who are unknown to you but while they are in your city connecting with them and then deciding their itinerary and taking off with them to the places by getting around and hopping in the city you belong to and also get paid for it.

Travel and room rental sites do the work by allowing you to put your place up for rent along with your profile details and background and the kind of amenities you have on offer and putting up a brief explaining how and what your planner contains for your visitors as travelers scout for you to see the way you have customised the tour. Playing host is fast catching up and only here to stay. Home cooking sessions and heading out for culinary tours obviously feature in the sked.

Top travel hospitality and service trends in most luxurious hotels

Selfie savvy hotels provide selfie sticks to the travellers at the time of check-in. Hotels have designated selfie spots with assigned spaces for taking the best self-portraits. Hotels also offer free stays and food to travellers who seem to be popular on Instagram. As far as epicureanism goes hotels have started all day breakfasts for travellers with ‘brinner’ staples which has waffles, pancakes, crepes, egg fritatas, muffins et al.

Millennials have a knack for the most personalised form of traveling which has led to the rise of exclusive service apartments and homestays with a bit of informality for the purpose of gelling with the locals they meet on the go. Travelers are open to perform minor household chores where they stay or they can walk up to hire five star support. Everything is also available at the push of a button at the fully serviced apartments with these properties designed to focus on the aesthetics with minute details right from the tonality of the linen, flooring, room temperature, room freshener et al only by handing out some extra bucks.

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Travel comes at the cost of sleep. Therefore, hotels have come up with multiple options of sleep centric lighting and equipment. Varied installations cut down noise and thereby reassure and soothe sound sleep keeping the jet leg at bay. An unrestricted set of sleep researchers hired by the properties of hospitality even ensure the right feather count in pillows and the best soundtracks for that will make you stop thinking about hitting the snooze button for catching up with the places to see in your checklist.

With the advent of mobile wallet revolution travellers can sync their credit and debit card with Google wallet and Apple Passbook and can simply buy at checkout. Boarding passes can now be integrated as digital content and can be used as a quicker mode to check in. Flights accept Apple Pay for in-flight purchases.

Wellness is all about “wellth” management and travel world is up and beat with trends that cater to the health demands of health conscious travelers on move as one cannot afford to fall sick on the move as that takes it away from the pleasures of traveling. Diet and nutrition for sustenance and water which happens to be the elixir of life are the parameters which should be taken the most into consideration. Hotels and wellness retreats have a special menu for the diet and health conscious travelers.

Hedonistic travelers who happen to be detox enthusiasts can ditch the spoon for straws in the easiest manner even on the move. Farm-to-table eats, grass fed meats, gluten free platters, fibre loaded and plant based feeds, green juices, flora and fauna dishes, fruit-pressed drinks and liquid diets are stressed in the menus as they serve quite the healthy fare. Home spun chefs dish out decadent delicacies and heirloom recipes from their recipe books keeping the calorie count in check as they bake their own bread and mature their own cheese for the epicurean and sensualist globetrotters.

It is after all about living in a home away from home.

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