Travel beauty hacks you must follow

Travel beauty hacks you must follow

Travel beauty hacks you must follow


Traveling is all about indulgence and that comes with wreaking havoc on your beauty and skin regimen. Being in different time zones and time differences, water and nutritional content and intake and weather conditions tend to mess with your skin and hair. Continue reading to know the best travel beauty hacks you must follow.


Airports and packing restrictions often limit you to carry the beauty products that you use and also the place you are traveling does not ensure you that you will get your brand that you swear by the skin being the beauty product loyalists you are. Carrying beauty products in travel size also comes at the risk of falling short of the inevitable care that your skin and hair requires. These hacks can afford you a much less stressful impact that travel has on your skin and hair.

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Moisturising is the key and so no matter what else you choose to pack, give priority to moisturising products. Whether it is face cream, hand cream, lip balm or serum, products that take care of your moisturising needs should make it onto your bag that is going to be boarded with you. 

Pack multipurpose products that serve different purposes at the same time. Stock up on products like lip and cheek stains, blush-bronzer-highlighter trios, BB and CC creams, eye liner pencils with two sides or a smudger at one end, all in one toner and cleanser, skin tonic sprays and full body reliefs, beauty oils, massage oils, bath salts, eye spray, body mists, face spray, face fusion spritzers, natural health tonic and syrups, liquid washing and bathing gels, loofah, face wash in fruity flavors, conditioners, scrubber, wet wipes et alia and others. Packing products like these cover it all for you and reduces the amount of stuff you have to carry to a great extent.

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Make sure that you go travel size by carrying travel-size products. Beauty products and make up kits come with travel size samples or even as a freebie with purchases of certain amount and that makes you carry so much lesser as compared to full sized products. If you do not own travel size products transfer your beauty products into travel size containers and or even contact lens cases as they work best with the required products that you fill up for your skin and hair needs.

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Pack keeping in mind the state of matter of your beauty products and by that in purely scientific terms: solid slash liquid slash gas. If you are carrying compact cases or liquid products make sure you pack them correctly. Pack your perfume well and stick yourself to deodorants instead of carrying a glass bottled perfume that might break in your case and ruin your valuable pieces of wearables. To prevent breakage or other mishaps with your foundation or blush compacts make sure you pack them with a cotton pad in between or use bubble wraps.

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It is advisable to carry lesser electrically powered tools unless you really need something like a hot curling iron or a straightener or skin wax remover heater. It is advisable to avoid carrying hot styling tools while you are traveling. They are cumbersome to use on the move and they end up occupying a lot of space. Also in all the hustle and bustle and hurrying and scurrying you might end up looking like a mess and that kind of mess is really not a “hot mess”.

Happy travels!

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