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travel interview erica consuelos

She breaks the stereotypes and stands with her entitlement per se sans being complacent. She is less compromising with her power to think. She exists in indigenous with her own separate identity standing out to the status quo with her sass. She has decent witty inclinations and appreciates life. She brings her own views and does things differently right from the beginning. She is feisty behind her angelic mien. Better ask for forgiveness than for permission if you do something she deems as incorrect.

travel interview erica consuelo mexico travel dejavu

  • What is the thing between a Mexican woman and a garrulous make up kit?

The pressure of being feminine and attractive for the Mexican “macho” makes a strong relation between the Mexican woman and their make up kit. This part of the Mexican culture is changing to more equality in every way.

  • Mexico city is sinking. Your take.

All Mexican Caribbean, Palenque Chiapas and Tehotihuacan pyramids.

  • How is Day of the Dead acknowledged internationally especially when it comes to Mexico?

The rest of the world think of death in different way that Mexicans do, we laugh with death, never of her. I think that’s why this celebration has become so popular, because it represents the awesome attitude with we see death.

travel interview erica consuelo mexico travel dejavu

  • What are your earlier memories of chocolate considering chocolate was discovered in Mexico?

I believe a little percent of the population in te world doesn’t like chocolate. I’m in this little percent! I remember tasting bitter chocolate made in Chiapas everybody was loving it and I don’t.

  • Does the world owe to Mexico for Tequila?

Yes for sure. Tequila is one of the biggest proud products that we show off to the world.

travel interview erica consuelo travel dejavu

  • How does it feel to be at the center of the Universe?

I’m glad to hear that you recognize that Aguascalientes city is not only the center of Mexico but of the Universe!!!  😀 

  • Why is cooking a Mexican cuisine considered to be a complex affair?

Because you feel in love with it while you are tasting it, but one you have to make it (cook Mexican food) that love disappear until you taste it again.

travel dejavu travel interview erica consuelo

  • What is your take on Mexican drug war and how do you think it affects travel and tourism?

Strong topic. I believe that the government accept and encourage the drug traffic, if they really want to eliminate this problem they just have to stop making alliances with ‘narcos’. This affects really bad to tourism because the people all over the world believe that here we live in constant war and dangerous and that’s a big mistake!! We live in harmony and peace.

travel dejavu travel interview erica consuelo

  • What places are on your travel wishlist outside of Mexico?

Iceland, Finland, Norway, Russia. Next summer I will be in east Europe (Polonia, Austria, Croacia, Grecia), so I can’t say that they’re in my wish list.

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  1. This is a really interesting interview. Erica seems to be an adventurous soul.

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