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Luigi Gallo : Being from the epicenter of coffee culture, Neapolitan Pizza, creamy gelato heaven to the mash up of jet setting pass over this one with a devil may care outlook is a modern Renaissance man who quit his day job to live a life of a backpacker for the long haul. Detail oriented about his whereabouts his honesty is a deal breaker. He turns heads with his spartan like ripped physique and defined symmetrical face and his drive to break the fashion of ‘normal’ to something ‘real’.

lui gallo travel dejavu travel interview

Considering the reservations about Naples as a dream destination for travelers, how would you like to change the perception of millennials around the world as you come from there?

Well…everybody knows about Naples, a city with a long story…there’s so much to do and so much to see…. I don’t like to change other people’s perception about the city, everybody has his own opinion about a place and it has to be respected….there’s just one feature that should be handled with care: that’s about the crime aspect of the city; the media are always talking about this bad side so that most people are starting to think it’s a dangerous city with a high rate of risk even if they have never been there…..all what I can say is just: “please stop judging and being suspicious about people just for the place where they are from”…bad people might be everywhere…..during my trips I have been struggling so many times to let other people know better about my beloved city…trust me, Naples is more than this!

How do you find a balance between your Italian traditions and living a modern day life in Australia and preparing yourself for travel as a backpacker?

Yep that’s so true, we are traditionalist people, mostly from down south (which is where I come from)…I still remember when I told my family I was going to live in Australia, they were like: are you crazy or what? how could you live over there?….that’s so far and so wild….. What are you gonna eat? And so on….ahahahahha…that’s funny but I think there’s a time in your life you gotta leave your comfort zone and start knowing yourself. I found my balance once I stopped overthinking, I only knew there was something burning inside me…that wanderlust you can’t stop…so I just left without any expectation, I was ready for a full immersion in this mix of: new tastes, new cultures, new friends and whatever… everything would have been a surprise for me….because you can’t always wait for the right time, sometimes you gotta dare to jump. Living as a backpacker has been the best experience of my life, always on the road, it helped me to appreciate the small things.

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You have a major in business economics . How  do you apply that as a traveler on the move? 

Well that’s a good question…..first of all I don’t think at all that a  qualification can affect your life, or rather, if you realize that’s not the way you wish feel free and be brave enough to reverse, there’s nothing wrong, you’re just listening to yourself.

Before leaving for Australia I have always worked as an employee, so I had to respect daily working hours and a vacation plan…….now I’m working as freelance, as financial advisor  so that I’m free to manage my working day and I can travel whenever I want….that’s all what I need to find my inner peace. 

thailand travel dejavu travel interview luigi gallo

Do you prefer to travel solo or in a group? Why?

Years ago I would have said in a group…… I tried my first trip alone when I went to Thailand, it was awesome….there are so many advantages in traveling alone:

– You will never be alone because you’ll meet many more people than if you were in a group;

– You can do whatever you want, there’s no one who can affect your journey;

– it will help you to know better about you and to overcome your fears.

Traveling alone is the best experience you can do….you can’t always wait for someone to discover new places 

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How has adjustment to life as a traveler been?

Honestly it hasn’t been hard for me, traveling it’s my life, it has never been a sacrifice for me even if sometimes I was tired,I felt like satisfied…if you have the right mindset it will be easy; just make sure to be open minded enough to be willing for change.

There are going to be no stops for you from now on as you have already traveled miles across the world. Nail it down. Europe .America. Asia. Oceania

EUROPE: Zakyntos, Mykonos (Greece); Malta; Cote d’Azur, Paris (France); London (Uk); Barcelona, Valencia, Benidorm,Ibiza,Formentera(Spain); Munich (Germany); Kvarr (Croatia).

AMERICA: Miami Florida.

ASIA: Bali (Indonesia); Phuket, Phi phi Islands (Thailand).

OCEANIA: Perth, Geraldton, Carnarvon (Western Australia).

My next stops are gonna be:

Japan for sure,I’m fond of Oriental culture and I love the way they face life;

Africa, because that’s the only continent I miss…I gotta discover it;

And then…..well I don’t know yet, we’ll see….that’s the beauty of life, you will never know… 

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  1. traveling is a lot of fun

  2. Seems like a sound guy who knows what he’s talking about! Sadly, even travelers try to stereotype their fellow travelers a lot – I don’t like those, too! Can’t we just all not think about where they come from and put your prejudice and reservations aside and really just get to know the person – have meaningful conversations and such?

  3. Really interesting interview.. I read carefully all questions what I could really identify myself with the “Do you prefer to travel solo or in a group? Why?” He really put on words what I thing and love about traveling solo!

    Congrats, it was an easy and funny reading!

  4. Wonderful

  5. hey Luigi great hearing about your story it is very motivating. Do come to Africa it is rather beautiful, I am from South Africa.Family they never can understand your love of travel.

    • Thank you very much Verushka 🙂 yeah I can imagine how wonderful is Africa…I’ll be there one day for sure…I have a couple of friends from South Africa, they told me it’s a magic place

  6. Very practical and rational in your beliefs. Next I hope you try out India…:-) I am sure you will have a good time seeing a different type of the world here. Cheers to more traveling in 2017

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