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militza audiffred travel interview travel dejavu

She has the ability to deliver a great photograph anytime and anywhere. This Jane is not a photog Joe but a photog Pro. Her photographic skills are high resolution. When it comes to the results its not only her professional lens that creates the magic but her rationales.

1. Technically travel photographers do travel but also work. Do travel and work come in the way of each other?

It does not. Most of my job is on line, I can keep on doing it everywhere around the world, so every time I have the opportunity and the money I’ll go somewhere. Besides that, traveling helps me to keep taking pictures which is also a source of income for me.

2. Do you find it tempting to fill your frame with everything you see?

I like to get to the destination, do some scouting and the next day I start with the photos.

mili audi travel interview travel dejavu

3. Do you feel you need to have all the gears as it becomes a chore on the move or just the right ones?

Only with the necessary.

4. What is your approach towards your craft? How do you do your research when it comes to photography before traveling?

Actually I don’t do any type of research, because the kind of photos I do are like documentary, so I’ll just look out for people situations, everyday stuff, I like to capture something real.

5. Are you constantly on the prowl with your camera for the next photo opportunity or do you like to miss out on some things?

When I travel I always have my camera with me and I enjoy to paying attention and capture what I think is interesting

6. Is it important for photographers to have back ups especially while you are traveling as photos are the ultimate proof for travel photographers?

I always travel with my laptop and a hard drive so every night I download and work on them.

travel interview militza audiffred

7. Has it happened that you know what you are doing but your photos tell a different story?

As I said before, what I like is documentary pictures so behind every photo there’s a different story. I like to talk to the people I’m taking photos of and capture whatever I see. But, on the other hand, I don’t mind if any of my work tells a different story to whomever is watching. That’s part of the magic of pictures, the magic of art, subjectivity.

8. What are the places you have traveled already?

México, U.S.A., Canadá, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Ecuador, Perú, Colombia, Belize, Guatemala, Argentina, Uruguay, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Great Britain, Belgium, Czech Rep. Hungary, Italy, Austria, Russia, Turkey, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Morocco, Singapore, Egypt.

9. What does your wishlist hold?

India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bolivia, Brasil, Costa Rica, Australia, New Zealand, Nepal, Laos, Japan, Indonesia, South Africa, Madagascar, Kenya.

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  1. Wow she’s such a cool chic and doing a job most of us could only dream of. I also love taking pictures, just that I’ve never taken it seriously. It’s so nice that documentary is more of her style, I like that kind of photography too.

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