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travel partner zodiac wise travel dejavu

Travel partner Zodiac wise

Your compatibility with your partner is tested the most when your are traveling over oceans and continents and are probably on the other end of the world somewhere on the edge. The most basic thing that millennial couples know about their partners is their zodiac sign based on their birthdays. Let’s see how is your travel partner Zodiac wise. If they fit the bill they might be there for life so make sure you fix your next date to an exotic destination probably based on this write up travel partner Zodiac wise. When it comes to dating or being exclusive millennials are taking the route to travel and so it is important to know how is your betrothed or intended travel partner Zodiac wise. 


You are dealing with a ram, after all. You are going to get grounded if you try to screw up with the plans they have made on the move.


They do let go of anything too easily as they don’t allow anyone to let in the way of the plans they have made till their bullheadedness is on the fore and once they are off it they would let you free and include you in with camaraderie.

travel partner zodiac wise travel dejavu


They are quite an unpredictable bunch as they have some crazy and out of the box plans lined up. They will either chuck it all in a jiffy or go completely wild with their plans.


They are cool crabs or cats whatsoever. They do not like to and want to keep reminding you of the plans they have made and they move ahead with their plot leaving you in your own ruins.

travel partner zodiac wise


They are quite the divas and the kings and queens of the jungle and all that. So either way you are a goner if you ever try to mess with the plans that they have made. It’s not you, it’s me cliché does not work on them and so you can never try that on them or you will have your house burned down while you are home away from home as they moonwalk away trampling over you.


They are quite balanced with their emotions on the move. They are quite calculating and they quite don’t like all the drama. You cannot expect them to get back to you once they have taken off with their supposed plans as you might also find that your credit card has disappeared mysteriously.


They are down to earth and super practical and they don’t sit around and mope wasting time and they will never bounce back to you if you cannot keep up with their plans on the move. You will miss them if they are not around as they move out with the master plan leaving you listless and high and dry.


They don’t take shit from anyone and they are usually focused. It is for your own good to stay calm as you would not like getting stung. They are okay with only their plans as they are individual planners and they are secretly heading out for one of the activities you were never a part of and you are automatically listed out.

travel partner zodiac wise travel dejavu


They are free spirits and they don’t play the victim card if they are left behind instead they will try and make it work on their own as they always have something else to move forward and go ahead with and once they are done, they’re really done and you cannot expect them to chalk out with a new plan.


They are logical and they constantly try to work things out on the move. If they are unable to devise a great itinerary they will simmer for sure.


They let go easily and if it even means that they have lost their suitcase while it was blended in with thousands of others. Watch your back as you lose your bags because you cannot let go of yours.

travel partner zodiac wise travel dejavu


They live in their own happy-go-lucky, sweet world while they are on the move. You will be in a nasty space if you mess with them while they are in their best move on their move as they are in the search of quite profound while they travel.

May the cupid works in your favor aligning your stars with your travel partner Zodiac wise. Let us know about your opinions about travel partner Zodiac wise. Also make sure you make no rookie mistakes in finding your partner based on this write up of travel partner Zodiac wise. Make sure you make the right pick and the right choice with this article of travel partner Zodiac wise.

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  1. Light and refreshing post. However my partner and I are both Capricorns and if we struggle to devise a great itinerary we don’t simmer…I always plan a great Itinerary 😉

  2. Uh oh… I’m a Leo and so is he! Fortunately, we travel great together. Maybe because we understand each other needs room to be bossy!

  3. Quite an interesting read. The personality of each zodiac is different and as I read through, I was trying to relate to our own characteristics and behaviours. Need to test it out though 🙂

  4. Claire Chambers : April 1, 2017 at 6:46 am

    Interesting read. This summed up my Cancerian travelling partner to a tee.

  5. I don’t think any of these really describe me. I’m supposed to be a Gemini, but that one is way off. I don’t really follow zodiac stuff anyway.

  6. Great post ! I am a Capricorn which I could agree with it 🙂 Which one is yours?

  7. This is a funny post! I don’t think too much about signs when it comes to travel but maybe will give a second thought the next time! 🙂

  8. Very interesting. Always great to know what you’re dealing with in a travel partner before making the trip!

  9. I’m a libra and this is so me! I will absolutely take off and leave you behind if you linger too long. I’m going to bookmark this for future trips with friends, best to be prepared!

  10. Nice article
    “you might also find that your credit card has disappeared mysteriously” lol

  11. Hahaha.. aries! That is so true!

  12. Very enjoyable article. I must admit that I don’t put a lot of stock in these kind of things but it’s always fun to see how close they are. Certainly, I just read the assessment of my star sign and my girlfriend just nodded knowingly!

  13. digital travel guru : April 2, 2017 at 3:16 pm

    great post I enjoyed reading it. I’m Capricorn

  14. Ahahaha funny article.
    I’m a Leo, my gf is Sagittarius and we manage to travel quite smoothly together 😉
    But I’ve to admit I recognised myself in the Leo description, I will keep it in mind and try to be more relax sometimes !

  15. Great post. I am a Virgo and my husband a Pieces. Although mine seems to apply to some extent I am not sure about his. We do seem to travel well together as long as I let go of the reins a bit 🙂

  16. Currently traveling with a Sagittarius and this is spot on!

  17. I am a Pisces and this was spot on!

  18. Haha, hilarious! My best travel buddies have Aries and Leo signs. Being a Sagittarian, we blend in quite perfectly! I don’t know if I believe in zodiac sign classifications though — but I am definitely a free spirit! 😀

  19. Really a very interesting and different post. I never knew that travel styles can vary so much with zodiac signs. I am aquarian and my husband is Saggi, and these characters are actually going somewhat in line with us.

  20. This was a great read! I always knew our travel styles had something to do with our stars. Most of these are quite apt!


  21. Such an interesting read. My partner is a leo but the description here doesn’t fit him somehow 😀 guess he is an exception. In our case, I make the plans and no one messes with it..mostly he complies and helps with the details where required 🙂

  22. I am an Arien and I have been told that I am the least fussiest traveler they have met many times. For someone who travels a lot with Pisceans, they do tend to be a little lost. Interesting observations.

  23. Zodiacs are pretty entertaining and sometimes their description makes sense. I can’t say that I believe in zodiacs though as it all sounds pretty made up. These ones somewhat fit what the two of us are like though.

  24. That is funny!Doesn’t really make any sense yet read up all the traits. 😀 😀

  25. I have never really understood zodiacs. One thing is for sure, I do hope that people don’t choose travel companions based on these. Imagine how much you would miss 🙂

  26. What a fun post! Loved it! ☺️

  27. This is a very funny post, but as Jesper said, I do hope people don’t make their choices based on a zodiac. My travel partner is nothing at all like his sign is portrait here. It is entertaining to read it though and have a laugh about it 🙂

  28. Tatum Skipper : April 5, 2017 at 1:35 pm

    Scorpios don’t take shit from ANYONE! haha I actually love this because I am a firm believer of the zodiac!

  29. Had to read the entire list. 🙂 Does not fit with either of our traits. But in all a nice read.

  30. My boyfriend is often my travel partner and he’s a Libra, it’s true that he’s very down to earth and practical. I am a Virgo.. and would never steal a credit card! lol

    Gennifer Rose

  31. I am not much into astrology but I guess sagittarius suits me.
    What do you think would be my ideal companion according to these characteristics? Scorpion sounds decent to me… he he

  32. A great post to begin with by linking astrology with travelling. Being a virgo,I guess capricorn would be the best partner for me when travelling. They are really a patience person and would not get irritated easily even if they get lost.

  33. Loved the post, was fun to check the info 🙂
    Thanks for sharing dear!

  34. I love it completely. It makes complete sense to my own zodiac sign which is Scorpio and I can vouch for it.

  35. I never thought of this topic before. Now when I travel with my wife next time, the perspective will be different.

  36. Sounds exactly like me – scorpio!

  37. Interesting read. I am Sagittarius and I’ve traveled with an ex partner who is Cancer. I wondered if we’re compatible because back then we weren’t really match along the roads and had a lot of misunderstanding and fights. LOL #goodread

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