To travel is but akin to poetry

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This is a travel poem
Dedicated to those who roam,

To those who explore
With each trip wanting more,
To those who love new places
And enjoying meeting new faces,
To those who love the wild
Who don’t want life to be mild,

To those who seek adventure
Into the unknown they venture,

To those who love the thrills
Never held back by the spills,

To those who live life to the full
That think, laugh, cry and chill,

To those on top of the world
Who have jumped and twirled,

To those who just get out there
In the outdoors with their gear,

To those who want to inspire
Doing things that they admire,

To those who are out there living
In their hearts always giving,

To those who give their all
Never taking their eye off the ball,

To those adventurers, nomads and hikers
The travelers, thrill seekers and bikers,

To those many a adrenaline junkie
And to those who make travel funky,

This poem is dedicated to all of you
For all the fun cool stuff that you do!

BY Adam Frook
Brilliant Adventure


Adam Frook

Thirst to travel, experience and to explore. Our life is the ultimate tour. The travel bug we love to quencher. Life is a brilliant adventure!


  1. Lovely poem 🙂

  2. Ha ha, such a cute poem! I love it! #HappyTraveler Malibu Mama Loves Xx

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