Traveling solo is the new trend for the Millennials

Traveling solo is the new trend for the Millennials

Millennials are caught up to traveling solo that has fast been popularised as the new trend to discover the world and oneself.

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.
-St Augustine

Millennials are taking solo trips for the experience of a lifetime. It is the feeling of being all by yourself as you travel. Solo trip can offer you a lot and leave you wanting for more.

Solo tripping is the rage among the new age Millennials. Going solo is on the rise for the travelers. Self-planned trips to customised trips, everything is being put best use to fulfil one’s bucket list. Everything can be expected on the travel checklist be it traveling popular travel destinations to offbeat ones.

Traveling solo is the new trend for the Millennials

Solo travelers are creating reasons to travel be it the love for food or the urge to explore. Solo travel is both the need and addiction. It is about pursuing solo dreams and undertaking at least a couple of trips annually. It is about venturing with the first solo trip and it changes the perspective forever. Solo travels can be a quick long weekend trip or longer ones. Solo travel is refreshing away from the mundane routine away from the rut and you can just be yourself.

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Digital Nomadism is where one can work from anywhere as long as there’s a WiFi connection. Millennials love living out of a suitcase ready to embark on a journey always and forever.

Traveling solo is the new trend for the Millennials

Solo Women travelers are opting for travel at different stages of life. Solo travels about impromptu solo trips. Solo travel is to give you an option to be alone and travel. Millennials enjoy solo trips and after each trip crave for more. Language is a barrier but you learn to survive.

Single women venture on such trips but views are contrary as many women continue to travel alone occasionally. Solo travelers continue the travels for years. Solo travelers travel to have some me time. Solo travel is a regular ritual. Solo travels leave you rejuvenated to the core.

Solo travel can be nerve wracking the first time but one solo trip can put to rest all worries and inhibitions. Plan your solo trip itinerary accordingly to your personality type. Solo travels offer people watching especially if the place has a café/ outdoor culture.

Try a homestay or staying at an apartment. This helps automatic connection with the locals. You have a wide range of options to choose from as a solo traveler. Hostels offer a ready-made option for solo travelers. Hostels also offer spending more time with other travelers.

Traveling solo is the new trend for the Millennials

Solo travel takes you a long way. Interact with locals. Be a part of the conversation or just a hangout with a chatty gang at a bar or pub or joint. Fancy establishments are fantastic places to dine alone. Solo diners can charm saying, “I made a special trip just to eat here. What do you recommend?”

Solo travelers are fine with eating at a bar and it is great to take a table for two for once. Bar hopping alone is a unique experience. Wake up early, enjoy a leisurely breakfast or brunch, head out for the day time activities. Pack your day full enough for the long nights and buzzing nightlife.

Learn the local language or Google Translate. Learn a few words and phrases before you go traveling like just the basics of how to introduce yourself. Start a basic conversation. Order food in the local language. Count 1 to 10 in the native language of the place. Folks appreciate the effort as you do your best to interact.

Traveling solo is the new trend for the Millennials

Use social media to make connections. Offer to take locals and friends of friends out for dinner as you will be surprised as to how many people will take you up on it. Everyone likes to be a tour guide for a night for the lost foreigner. Seek out for your interests in your destination such as the fan club for the local football team or go for pub crawl.

Traveling solo can be both safe and rewarding. Be mindful of safety concerns just as you would traveling in a pair or group. Take care in large cities at night if you are going clubbing, watch your drinks, be aware of local scams and keep a close eye on your valaubles.

Just pack your bags and trip on. Enjoy your own company. Sleep around. Get an early start. Connect.

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