A tryst with daredevil fortune hunter

A tryst with daredevil fortune hunter

Aashoo Bohra: The swashbuckling navigator. The daredevil shipmate. His job leaves no scope for faint-heartedness. He lives on the brink of nature’s fury and calm. He is unruffled at all times in spite of all the rage and madness around him. Read out for more.

How have you come to terms to the not so conventional way of travelling by the sea?

What is better? (a) Cruise OR (b) Flight

Well it was a very random decision.  I was not so sure about my profession. Merchant navy is tough. All you get to see is the endless ocean.


Cruise for sure. I am in love with the ocean now. It is just so beautiful. Watching the calm ocean , I reminisce whereas plan my future and my travel trips. It gives me enough time to clear my mind. Plus journey matters more than the destination right? What fun is the destination if you cant enjoy the journey? 

How has travelling by water routes changed your life?

It is my daily bread now. Working on a merchant vessel, navigating it from one place to another is all I do. It has changed me drastically. I have learnt to live alone. Faced problematic situations. Sleepless nights due to work. Rolling and pitching of the ship makes it worst. In addition, sea can be a harsh mistress (bad weather).All you can think about is your HOME and to reach there safely. It has made me stronger and independent. 

What have you loved exploring the most in your journey?

I have sailed across all the mighty oceans at the age of 21 which is a unique experience in itself. I have literally seen the beauty of the sea. The sunrise and sunset are magical. I have witnessed such days as well where the sunset are at 10.30 at night , trust me. Learning about constellations and counting stars was the best thing at night. Saw the culture change at every port at a distance of merely 200-300 nautical miles. 

What does the silence of the oceans speak to you?

At day , its all about the smell of sea and the endless sky where my soul and spirit fly. But at night, it haunts me. I feel like a monster is lurking in the dark. If I fall , what will I do , where will I go , will I make it out alive.  It is just too dramatic with mixed emotions. 🙄  

Have you faced any trouble or discrimination while on your voyage?

Bad weather as mentioned with a rolling of 20-25 degrees. Forget about sleeping , we just cant stand normally. I see secured things vibrating and moving. Its a chaos. Every roll makes me feel that is it going to capsize? But thats LIFE. Plus I haven’t experienced any pirate activities luckily. Though we take all the necessary precautions while transiting the high risk area. 

Which is better? Russian Roulette or Turkish Underground vibe?

Turkish Underground vibe certainly. I haven’t explored Russia. But its on my list. 

What would you like to avoid and what do you want to bring back home?

Oh god, the belly dance in Turkey , that is something I can praise. People are freak over there. Typical party animal. Even if you are alone , you wont feel that way for long. People are friendly , they get along.

The only thing I want to avoid is smoking. If you are a chain smoker and you are in Turkey , the chain just gets longer. Everybody is a smoker out there.

No doubt Turkey is mesmerising. All I can bring home is the pleasant memories of sailing in Bosphorus Strait and wait till I visit it again.

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