Unbeatable ways to get in shape with Detox and weight loss travels

Unbeatable ways to get in shape with Detox and weight loss travels

A sightseeing packed itinerary only leads you to catching up on with what’s on it with mindless shopping and eat-all-you-can and cannot and makes you feel nothing more than getting victimized by the itinerary which is supposedly the best by all standards as it is well put and meticulously designed for you but not by you.

Just when you feel it is time to step back and take a real break your package might have terminated and you would be sent packing home for your own good and would come back looking like a bag of crisps. But this burgeoning trend has it all for you and will sure bring your health back on track taking you away from your technology driven and executive lives.

The rise of chronic diseases, obesity and stress levels has given rise to the Weight loss and beauty detours offering fitness and skin detox itinerary on their list of options and your set of choices. You can bust the flab by some rowing and altitude trekking instead of luxe lounging by the poolside. It is all about beating the buff.

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You can check into a wellness spa retreat and resorts that have for you hot stone therapy, deep tissue body massage, reflexology, body wraps, exotic facial,Ayurveda Spa, Thai Body massage, Six Sense Signature massages, Sea Weed Wrap massages, Signature body wrap, Hair Hydration Therapy and peels to restore your glow back.

Harmony healing is done by energy chimes have the calming effect that will leave you rejuvenated once they are placed on your body. Painting under the stars programme is a distress-program designed for the peace of mind in health reserves. Specially designed detox menus and cleansing diets increase bowel health, create better hormonal balance and put your immunity levels back on track.

If losing weight is at your top-of-the-mind recall which you are unable to achieve in the usual course of your work week then weight loss and tone up bootcamps, spinning sessions, pilates and aqualates should be a part of your travel agenda as these are designed by the elite resorts these days. A cycling trail is all about getting a mapping trail on your bike or on foot and get away and out of the usual commute.

Food trails offer servings of healthy cooking food and also an opportunity to learn them side by side. The itinerary packs in it daily healthy cooking master classes where you learn to cook some flavorful fare minus the usual accouterments. A visit to the local market and local food preparation is included in such food trails. The nutritive fares include low calorie meals and cold pressed juices.

Afterall it is all about getting a slim makeover. The idea of being sedentary on travel and continuing the act of binge eating does not appeal to the health conscious lot. The millennials believe in making the most of the life and travel but not at the cost of health. Gluten free gourmet, juice detox and exotic green teas in the nature retreat in the company of health advisors surely sounds lucrative. Too much drinking and eating while traveling only adds to the toxic levels in the system.

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Expert counseling from various disciplines in these health resorts only makes over all health monitoring perfectly possible. Low calorie organic food and fresh spa food in controlled portions is great for overall physiological rejuvenation. The need of the hour is reconnecting with yourself and putting your priorities on the top of everything else. The entire concept of detox travel revolves around making you falling in love with yourself. Holistic health travel is a big thing. The top destinations are Umbria, South Tyrol and Capri in Italy, Hua Hin and Koh Samui in Thailand, Alicante in Spain, Mexico and Philippines.


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