Unusual food outings and food tours around the world

Unusual food outings and food tours around the world

Unusual food outings and food tours around the world


Food is at the heart of every epicurean explorer. Exploring vineyards somewhere in Napa Valley is the must do thing in any food tour. Eating food from an underground pit somewhere in Iceland or going truffle and mushroom hunting with canines somewhere in Italy is not just an activity that caters to the needs of gastronomes but also their ego. Food tours come with big egos. Food expeditions around the world not only cater to all tastes but also food passions.

Unusual food outings and food tours around the world is about the food tours through the neighborhoods that locals have preserved for centuries with historic importance through tastings, specialty eateries, street food and fine dining restaurants.

Unusual food outings and food tours around the world is exploring authentic food generic to a place to suit the budget and appetite of travelers in a packed time frame.

Unusual food outings and food tours around the world are gourmet getaways that offer unique food experiences in a budget friendly way with these perfectly designed food trips.


In Melbourne, you can go for an out and out food tour in a tram car. Tram cars are well restored in Melbourne and are replete with vintage décor with colonial tram cars completely converted into restaurants serving food with recipes preserved from historical times. You can also get your best quality and freshly produced share of Australian wines with the well curated food menus and also reinventing it with new additions.

Rotorua, New Zealand:

While in here you would definitely transported back in time in your entire food tour experience. The foods of the warriors are well preserved by the descendants of warrior community of Tamaki Maori village. Hangi Feasting is all about ceremonial rituals, ancient culinary traditions packed with Maori performances. Maori Hangi is cooked on a special oven which is unique to anywhere you can find in the world as it is the most unique baking devices completely different than what we use routinely in the kitchen.

A pit is dug and stones are heated up with fire in the pit with meats, sweet potatoes, fish and root veggies left to cook for several hours. Guided tours of Maori meals of Hangi luncheon are a must do for food connoisseurs. Hangi meals are the meals of warriors so get your inner warrior awakened as you sign up for one.

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Gourmet trails in Japan is an affair of a fortnight and almost two weeks of guaranteed food travel. If you sign up for a food trail in the land of the Rising Sun you have to be dedicated enough and be serious in your food endeavors. In a Japanese food tour you can sign up to learn to cook the best of Sushi, Soba cooking and Sashimi. You can hang out at Osaka night market at bars for authentic Japanese apertifs.

Image Credits: The Japan Times

Nishiki food market in Kyoto is the hub for fresh artisanal produce. You can dine in traditional style on tatami mats and low tables in Hiroshima. Tokyo is moreish junction for Omakese meals. Japan foods are replete with innovations in food concepts like Bento Box, Nomihodai which includes drinks and Tabehodai which includes eatables at a fix price. Japan has special concept gastropubs called izakayas which are a huge hit with gourmands.

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Tuscany, Italy:

Truffle hunting is done by specially bred Italian dog called Lagotto Romagnolo and are trained to find morels. A truffle hunter sets out with his dog detecting truffles beneath and digging the ground and collecting it as soon as they find it. Some of the most commonly found are porcini truffles and they are used in dishing out delectable Italian Nonna meals.

Image Credits: Foodie and Tours

Granada, Spain:

Granada is replete with olive and almond plantations in the areas of Vega, Sierra Nevada and Lecrin Valley. Olive Oil hedonists can sample a huge variety of olive oils aged in different times or even eras. They can take a walk through in the olive groves and learn about the entire process of harvesting olive oils. They can also carry back home these liquid gold extra virgin olive oils back home.

Image Credits: Sonomamag

Napa Valley, California:

The Golden State wine region of Napa valley is a food connoisseur’s delight. Napa Valley Wine Train is an antique train that chugs through the celebrated wineries of Napa Valley in a rustic setting. As you sign up for this food tour you can sample a four-course meal and dine with the top most upper section winery holder wine makers of this region. Napa Valley Wine Train is a 36-mile long vintage coach ride is replete with the most impressive food tours and you can enjoy the concept of luxe foods to its best with running kitchens on board. Napa Valley Wine Train is a luxurious American rail travel of the early 1900s while having a roundabout of vineyards and wine estates.

Featured Image Credits: Erin Kunkel for Chateau St. Jean

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  1. I think Italy must be top of my own list regarding food tours in Europe. Thing is, it is quite a pricey destination in comparison with everywhere else mentioned above. For that reason, I would probably lean more toward Granada in Spain if I was to go anywhere, especially to eexperience the tapas but now also for the olive oils which to be honest, i never really thought about before!

  2. We live right next to the Napa and it is just one big food tour always visiting there, with wine of course. There are also many other great wine regions very close to it that I could recommend. We visited Japan last year and the food there was jus amazing! I can’t wait to go again.

  3. Food is such an integral part of travel and is one of the thrilling aspects of the whole experience. The cuisine of a place is a great window to its history and culture and reveals so much of the place. This is an excellent curation of the best food tours.

  4. I love exploring local culinary delights while travelling and you have listed down some amazing places . The Melbourne Tram and the Napa Valley Wine Train sounds unusual yet fun. I would love to visit all of these places, they sound yummilicious :).

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