Uthan snow or Desert of Utah? It’s Desert


Desert Dream

Red dirt has always had a certain allure for me. The soft texture. The organic smell. The first time I saw southern Utah was at night. We had driven 5 hours south through star studded skies. We tentatively navigated the desert and stumbled upon our campsite at 1:00am. I could sense that I was somewhere special even though I could only see as far as my headlamp. I fell asleep imagining the vast wild inches beyond my tent.   I woke the next morning with a single thought- GET OUT THERE! 😎   I unzipped my tent and was on mars. I was on a John Wayne film set. I was in desert heaven. I stepped outside and when my bare feet touched that red dirt, I knew that from then on, the desert had a hold on me.  
There are a couple of things to know before adventuring in the wild, wild west. Number One: Bring as much water as you can carry. Number Two: Keep an eye out for lizards. And most importantly, Number Three: Don’t leave without eating some green chilies.  😀

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Kylie Kingsbury

Forever on the search of the best roadtrip playlist. Always looking for weekends to pack up the car and get out of town. You'll find me eating watermelon and taking photos.


  1. Utah is one of my most memorable places here in US. My favorite among all the trips I have made here. Glad you had a wonderful time there. Beautiful snaps too 🙂

  2. This is amazingggg! I was actually in the states a few years ago but didn’t get to visit this part of america! Looks like such an adventure. Will def. have to come back one day to see this 🙂

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