Veg platters for the global travelers making veggie lifestyle choices

Veg platters for the global travelers making veggie lifestyle choices

All-veg menus are changing the global food scene of travel. Diners around the world are all about freshness and source of produce giving up frozen exotic ingredients for locally sourced and seasonal produce. Chefs are experimenting with all veg menus from pop up to fine fining. Global food is witnessing a vegetarian revolution with fancy twists from vegan desserts and plant proteins to root-to-stem cooking, plant stalk diced fillings and edible flowers. The entire movement of eating healthy is translating into eating more vegan or vegetarian for the global travelers.

The sheer variety on offering is tempting the hard core meat eaters to give veg dishes a try and much of it can be credited to better supply through boutique farms or availability of fresh ingredients. Veg dishes are becoming more of a rule than an exception. Vegetarian options offer unlimited scope for innovation unlike the limited scope offered by their non veg counterparts. Menus today are much more beyond cottage cheese appetizers or veg pizzas with exotic and innovative ingredients like purple kale, shiso, white asparagus, alternate millets, parsnips, tomatoes, chillies, mushrooms, red and black rice, quinoa, Brussels sprouts, amaranth, lentils et al.

Chefs look up to veg food sources for food experiments. It is all about taking a vegetarian break from non veg and cooking up a feast with show stopping spreads of vegetarian and vegan starters, entrees and mains. It is all about giving the dish a tasty veggie makeover along with innovative preparations such as smoked or grilled variations. Veggie delights are all about popular meat staples such as Nabe getting presented in the form of an exotic gourmet salad.

Veg platters for the global travelers making veggie lifestyle choices

Some of the spoilt for choice veggie meals in the veggie favorite hangouts and haunts are veggie burgers, veggie tray, goat cheese wontons, sweet potato crackers, artichoke mousses and roasts, halloumi fries, aubergine bakes, gourmet salads with the likes of edamame beans, chanterelle mushrooms, pomelo barley, rhubarb pie, ramen bowls and soba noodles. The choices are galore for veggie food lovers in the global travel scene.

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  1. Nritya Ramani : June 13, 2018 at 3:43 pm

    As a life-long vegetarian and avid traveler, I try to be as adventurous as possible. Every country has its own take on vegetarian fare and things are obviously changing with globalization and tourism. Some of the best food I have had has been in countries which are not traditionally vegetarian (Austria, United Arab Emirates, and Germany for example).

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