Vegas – The entertainment capital of the world

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Las Vegas: the adult playground.


J ust landed you get the first impression of  having a hair dryer constantly focused on you! In fact, this feeling of warmth was not bad at all after the cold in SF! My advice is to experience the city at night and rest during the day because the real Las Vegas wakes up at night and because the heat slackens off! 

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Let’s face it ..  all the hotels are similar. Casino, shops, bars and restaurants offer the same wide  range of lights, music, service, entertainment . In my opinion the most beautiful,  well  deserving  a visit , are the Caesar Palace, which this year celebrates its 50th anniversary and the Venetian (probably because I am Italian? :-))

The show performed in the theaters of the hotels, directly inspired by the Cirque du Soleil can’t be easily forgotten. We saw “Le Reve-the dream” at the Wynn (very elegant hotel, less flashy than the others mentioned above). Nothing short of spectacular! Talented artists performed  aquatic acrobatics on  a stage which could  be turned into  a pool when  necessary. Not to be missed.

wedding ceremony graceland chapel vegas entertainment capital world travel dejavu
Another experience that I highly recommend if you are a couple is a wedding ceremony  in a chapel in Las Vegas! If possible with Elvis! We chose the Graceland Chapel. Totally fun and amusing ! A limousine picked us  from the hotel (we stayed at the Signature at MGM, very clean with spacious rooms and not too expensive) and took us to the chapel. We were welcomed by  an exhilarating Elvis that joined us in  marriage with Love me tender  as the  soundtrack of the event .

dinner bellagio picasso restaurant vegas entertainment capital world travel dejavu

The evening ended with a dinner at the Bellagio’s Picasso restaurant on the terrace overlooking the water of the fountains. Perhaps the most spectacular views of Las Vegas! It was certainly not a cheap dinner but the right end of a fabulous day! Las Vegas is a city that brings happiness, where you can  always hear music as you stroll through the streets, where everything is a game, lights and excesses. I now understand why the song Viva Las Vegas!  is so popular.

Once again  we used Uber to move around. You can’t use Uber pool  in Las Vegas, but only the X version:  you are not allowed to  share the car with other users, so it costs a bit more. It is difficult, however, to set the address to be picked up, so I advise you to enter the address of the hotel  because it  is  easier to find. 

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Barbara Cerati

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  1. So nice, thank you for bringing back amazing memories from last year. We have stayed in Venetian too, such great Hotel! I can totally agree regarding the hair dryer feeling all the time, Vegas is literally hot as hell 🙂

  2. Aaaah! Those pictures look so cool! I went to Vgeas with my parents when I was 5 years old. I don’t remember much, but I do remember the fountain show at The Belgaggio (I think, or is it the MGM Grand?). Love your pictures!

  3. Nice tips and just what I would have expected from spending few days in Vegas. Pics are great, thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. Vegas seems to have so many ways of entertaining people and helping them fall in love with it! 🙂

  5. Never been to Vegas but your trip looks so fun! Especially the Bellagio restaurant! That view is perfection!

  6. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! A wedding in Vegas that I heard for the first time and it was amusing. I would love to see that once. Wedding with Elvis!

  7. What a great time you guys had! We have yet to visit Vegas together as a couple. I remember visiting my brother while he was in school there but never took advantage of the ‘true’ Vegas experience. Thanks for sharing yours!

  8. Sounds so exciting and must experience kind! I haven’t been there yet but reading up your post provokes me to think of a tour there just to experience this!

  9. A wedding in a grand chapel followed by a romantic dinner amidst all the glitz and glamor in the restaurants in Vegas sounds like a perfect way to spend an evening with the loved one. I would definitely try that on my visit to Vegas.

  10. Hold on, did you get married there for real or are we talking about simulating a wedding ceremony?! Whatever the case may be, I say congratulations!

    What I want to do in Las Vegas is to watch concerts or shows. I’d love to visit the casinos too, though I’m not sure about wanting to gamble. Maybe I’d just check out the place. And yeah I want to stay in one of those grand hotels!

    • It was a simulating ceremony! But if you want you can get a real marriage!
      The aim of our stay in Vegas was just good fun!!:-)

      I suggest you gamble just once because this is one of the most famous “activity” in Vegas! For me it was exciting! Just one.. It is better not to overdo it!

  11. Vegas! Oh, Vegas! The city of lights and fun! If I would have the chance to travel the US, I would put Vegas first on my list. It’s like every twist and turn you make, you’ll have something to do! <3

  12. I really enjoyed seeing Le Reve. Those water scenes were so cool.

  13. I have yet to party here! Vegas is on my bucket list too.

  14. So nice experience! I think that getting married in Las Vegas is already like a mandatory experience hihihihi By the way, you look great on the wedding! this dress is awesome!
    Super post! 🙂

  15. I love that one of the experience you’ve recommended is a wedding! I’d love to get married to my husband again. Really enjoyed reading your post 🙂

  16. I lived in Vegas for a few years and worked for Caesars Entertainment. It is quite common to see weddings there and congrats on your happy day! It sounds like you did Vegas the right way with a show and a wedding!

  17. Ah Vegas one of the best places on earth! Really fun and I love the Venetian, such a beautiful hotel! Are Congrats in Order did you get married ? Either way it looks like a wonderful time!

  18. I’m definitely a fan of Vegas! I’m surprised you didn’t see any shows! The magic shows are the best part!

  19. so fun!! I love that you went to the chapel!

  20. Thanks for sharing a wonderful story of experiencing a city at night and it is Vegas. I’m not really a night person but I would love to disturb my sleeping pattern in Vegas, how I wish to explore Vegas soon… And by the way,that was a wonderful wedding ceremony with Elvis… 🙂

  21. Vegas..the name itself triggers something inside us, isn’t it? And what a beautiful day you had in Vegas. Do you have bus or metro available to commute, apart from Uber. As you say it’s a bit on the costlier side

  22. I always thought I would hate Vegas but I have bee twice and I love it. The Bellagio is amazing and I do spend most nights going to see the water fountains. The size and decoration of the casinos is truly amazing.

  23. My friends get married in Vegas 🙂 Everyone thought it’s a joke but no! Instead of spending money on event for people, they save them and made a true celebration to themselves 🙂

  24. I am thinking of going to Vegas to get married! congratulations\! and i am glad you enjoyed Las Vegas, and thanks for sharing, I feel like I toured as well!

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