vegetarian and vegan friendly destinations for new age travelers

Vegetarian and vegan friendly destinations for new age travelers

Vegetarian and vegan friendly destinations for new age travelers

If you are a committed vegetarian, fruitarian, lactovegetarian, vego, vegan or travelers with other special dietary preferences here are a few hot takeaway destinations that might leave you spoilt for choice with the variety they have in their menus and offerings. Perk up your taste buds for the lip-smacking authentic platters of these destinations around the world offering mouthful delicacies. Continue reading to know the best Vegetarian and vegan friendly destinations for new age travelers.


Vegan diners have organic, dairy and egg-free, slow cooked, no deep fried or microwaved options and gluten free food preferences and so it is becoming more popular than ever it has ever been and is only set to become only prevalent in the rest of the decade. It is the fresh produce that is major point for the travelers to get attracted to being vegetarian or vegan. Non Vegetarian and meat-loving countries are turning into vegetarian and vegan heavens to cater to increasing number of travelers switching their food preferences.

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Veganism and vegetarianism is only becoming the tastemakers delight by the day with infinite options in veggie favorites with the surge of food connoisseurs with teetotal temperance to include it in their lifestyle. Millennials love their huge portion sizes and whopping share of cold pressed juices, guacamole, smoothies, herbal teas, wooden oven pizza, non-caffeinated coffees, fresh wraps and sandwiches made of

fresh bread, dairy-free biocheese and cheeses, fresh pressed juices and super salad bowls, soups, bliss balls, veggie barbeques and kebabs with their penchant for experimenting with new cuisines and great meal deals. Vegetarian and Vegan platters are becoming only moreish to suit the palate of the epicurean hedonists who are sampling every food on the menu.

There are enough places with ample spaces at your fingertips with varied cooking styles to whet your appetite for animal free food sans carnal carnivorous part of food without having to taste bland vegetarian and vegan dishes. Vegetarianism and Veganism is indeed about the burst of flavors and goodness with the amount of adulteration and injected livestock taking away the original flavours and freshness from the non-vegetarian produce. Plus, the presentation of vegetarian and vegan dishes does not fail to impress with the dash of colors only adding more to the decadence.

London is one of the leading countries in the world to be a vegetarian following suit and taking cues from the current trend of food preferences and serving high calibre vegetarian and meat free comfort food. London supermarkets are replete with options for vegans. Classics like fish and chips and meat pies are getting a vegetarian twist with experimental takes such as mustard rarebit toppings, cottage pies, Swiss fondue pots, steak potatoes, arugula salad, grilled asparagus and squash, tapas, tofu, pecan and caramel cheesecakes. Thus London is on Top of Vegetarian and vegan friendly destinations for new age travelers.

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Israel restaurants and bakeries with meat offerings also offer vegetarian options. Israel has native produce with fresh options of figs, dates, pomegranates, prickly pears, grapes, mangoes, zucchini, peppers, melons, cucumbers, cherries, apples, bananas, kiwis, et cetera. The Israeli street food of falafel, tahini and hummus is not going out of style anytime soon. Bourekas are pastries with savoury fillings of cheese, mushrooms, potato, spinach et al. Some other must try dishes are veggie dumplings, steamed buns and mock-chicken satay skewers.

Israel food is about everything ‘kosher’ which means vegan or vegetarian. Israel is listed as one of the topmost vegetarian friendly destinations in the world. Israel is all decadence with a delectable blend of recipes from African, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, European and Russian food influences. Jerusalem’s most famous market Mahane Yehuda also known as the Shuk is a must do. Spices and poppy seed pastries are a must buy souvenirs in the open air market. Must pack items are marbelled halvah which is a sweetmeat made of sesame oil and nuts. Pitzuchim is a trail mix of nuts, roasted seeds and dried berries. A glass of Israeli craft beer and Israeli wine is a must buy. Israel food is all about freshly baked breads with the likes of challah, pita, laffa and ash tanur which is sourdough bread with air pockets and pizza-like crust, et alia and others.

Israeli breads are topped with olive oil and za’atar spices. The other foods are falafel, hummus, couscous and pickled olives. Jewish and Arabic coffee and pomegranate juice are must try. Enjoy a Sabbath dinner with a local to experience the authentic traditional meal. Hummus is made of chickpeas, tahini, garlic, oil and lemon juice topped with toasted pine nuts, whole chickpeas, fava beans and olive oil. Msabbaha is smashed chickpeas served with tahini, olive oil, exotic herbs and spices and served with pita bread. Knafeh pastry is a sweet cheese pastry soaked in sugar syrup flavoured with rose and orange water and topped with crushed pistachios. Shakshuka is a ‘all mixed up’ egg dish and is a must try. Israel food is all about being thankful to the Holy Land that is addressed as “Toda Raba”. Israeli sea food platter includes shellfish, lobster, oysters, octopus and scallops. Some must try Israeli specialities are Shawarma and kofta b’siniyah or meatballs also available in vegetarian variations.

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Adelaide is the melting pot of fusion cuisine with the mix and match of Mediterranean and Pan Asian cooking. Adelaide Central market has pure vegetarian stall, stacks and kiosks and natural health food stores offering healthy dining selling like hot cakes. Some of these food trucks offer great options with jumbo burgers and burger patty, kale, alfalfa and lettuce wraps, veggie kebabs, veggie noodles, vegan pies, carrot cake, cheeseburger pies, salted caramel slices, tofu scrambles, mac and cheese, zucchini pasta, vegan buffalo wings, potato gnocchi, doughnuts, hot cross buns, soy, coconut, rice and almond milk drinks and waffles. Undoubtedly makes it one of the top Vegetarian and vegan friendly destinations for new age travelers. 

Egypt has a history of a long curated culinary tradition with interesting blend of Lebanese, Oriental and Arabian influences. There is a rich variety of herbivore cuisines in Egypt. The classic mezze platter never goes out of style which includes Baba Ghanoush, Tabbouleh salad with chopped veggies,

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fresh parsley and bulgur wheat, Fattoush salad with spread over pita bread with lemon dressing, hummus which is a chickpeas paste with olive oil and seasoning, Taameyya which is an Egyptian falafel with fava beans, Egyptian Kubz pita bread with tahini sauce, Kosheri lentil and rice with tomato sauce, Egyptian coffee called kahwa with cardamom powder and dates.

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Turkey is replete with kebab shops and Turkish delights with locals offering meat free dishes and experimenting with veggies. Turkish are veggie friendly in true sense with an entire option dedicated to veggie preferences of the travelers visiting the nation. Kahvatli are Turkish breakfast plates served 24 hours and is all day breakfast option for the vegetarian gourmands. Turkish stalls offer dried fruits and nuts, dried figs, dates, coconuts, apricots, hazelnuts and pistachios. Artisanal produce of black and green olives, cucumbers and tomatoes are a must try. Some must try Turkish veggie dishes are moussaka eggplant, borek which is flaky pastry with cheese, sigara boregi which are long fried pastries with cheese,

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gozleme which is a flatbread and pastry dish, baklava with filo layers and chopped nuts sweetened with honey, pilaf rice in seasoned cinnamon, mint and apricot, fried and baked sambusaks with savoury fillings of spiced potatoes, onions, peas, lentils, macaroni, cheese, and pine nuts, Turkish pizza and Turkish pancakes with spicy tomato dips, zaatar spice mixes and yogurt. Turkish pastries are hand rolled made with fillings of spinach, eggplant, leek, red cabbage, fried beans, shallots, silverbeet with the variety of cheese like feta, chargrilled, haloumi and ricotta and spices and herbs and salt and pepper seasoning and pickles. Thus it makes Turkey one of the best Vegetarian and vegan friendly destinations for new age travelers.

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Mexico is the hot pot for gourmands with options of tostaditas, quesadillas, tortillas and tacos. Mexican food only offers a range of options with the kind of ingredients used in food that can be customised with veggies or beans or sauces. The toppings and fillings of the small bites have numerous variations. Mexican breads are made with a variety of flours especially corn being the staple.

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Tamale is dough steamed in corn husk and banana leaf and unwrap it to eat it. The dough is corn based and it is filled with cheese, fruits, veggies and chillies served with salsa dips, red cabbage, guacamole, tortillas and refried beans or frijoles refritos. Quinoa, black bean patty, Mexican slaw, harissa and avocado on sourdough bread are some other food options.

Tuscany has become quite a rage with food connoisseurs with offerings like frittata, focaccias, spaghetti and lasagne with meat-free or antipasti or primi appetisers, starters and first courses. Roast capsicum and capsicum aioli, roasted sweet potato mash with field mushrooms, avocado, baby carrots and cherry tomatoes, broccolini, fresh basil and pesto sauce and chilli jam, ricotta spread on rye toasts, vegetarian quiche with sun dried tomatoes, roast pumpkin, fetta and baby spinach, eggplant parmesan,

baked sausage, penne, stew and casserole and caramel mug cake. Pazanella is a bread salad with sundried tomatoes, cucumbers and onions seasoned with olive oil and vinegar. Pappa al pomodoro is a Tuscan soup with fresh produce. Acquacotta is a broth based vegetable soup. Castagnaccio is a chestnut flour cake. Tonarelli cacao e pepe which is pasta with pecorino cheese and cracked black peppercons, nettle agolotti and ravioli with ricotta cheese and fried courgettes are some other options in the Tuscan platter.

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