Wellness honeymoons and Health Honeymooning for Boomerang Generation Honeymooners

Wellness honeymoons and Health Honeymooning for Boomerang Generation Honeymooners

For the Millennials preceders and Gen Xers, Honeymoons were all about visualizing of sipping a glass of expensive sparkling wine and champagne and room service, whilst gazing at snow covered Alps in Switzerland and Mountains or being in an island in French Polynesia Bora Bora or Hawaii or gazing at sunsets in Santorini.

This ideal image for Honeymoon seems sedentary to the Millennials. The entire idea of continuing to binge eating following the next couple of days post the wedding does not appeal to the Millennials couples as they are a pack of health conscious twosome.

Wellness honeymoons and Health Honeymooning for Boomerang Generation Honeymooners

Wellness Honeymoon and Health Honeymooning is redefining the concept of a honeymoon as couples want to return feeling healthier and fitter getting spiritually connected with each other.

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Millennials are getting married in the later years and have taken off typically on many fly and flop trips and holidays for the bachelor and bachelorette parties before the big day. There is a drastic change in what Millennials coupling are looking for in terms of post wedding honeymoon phase aiming to keeping the fitness routine intact post nuptials and blow by blow events.

Newly weds and couples are continually loaded with congratulatory messages and calls post wedding. A no tech honeymoon is what Dr. Cupid recommends and these days health resorts and honeymoon retreats ideally ban use of electronic devices and gadgets in the public areas making couples ready to unplug and swap virtual world of socializing and Instagramming with real sounds of nature. This allows couples to be in the present and leaves them with a restored sense of wellness without being jaded.

Wellness honeymoons and Health Honeymooning for Boomerang Generation Honeymooners

Health honeymooning and wellness honeymoons are about vital life force healing. Health honeymooning retreats are body wrap offerers and spas with fully catered and designed fitness programs. It is about active well being and making healthy food choices with special dishes like Apple and Goat Cheese salad with nuts and Salmon Pave with Pumpkin Puree. It is all about smaller portions doing the trick. It is not about being on a strict diet or being refused from consuming certain food groups. The entire aim is feeling lighter post the entire exercise and getting into a better shape. The foods that are served are organic, low calorie, fresh spa foods in controlled portions. Health Honeymooning and Wellness Honeymoons prep the couples as a catalyst to continue the wellness routine following the wedding bells.

Couples do not want to feel sluggish. This latest travel trend encourages the focus on well being post the weeding bells ring. It is a way towards post wedding cleanse that often comes along with unaccounted consumption of fat laden foods and oils making the couples look and feel bloated. Wellness resorts offer health honeymooners flavorful and palatable foods sans unhealthy ingredients. It is about going big and cutting to the chase for complete relaxation.

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Wellness honeymoons are in vogue as newly-weds romance health more than they romance each other. Wellness honeymoons are redefining the concept of honeymoons. Healthy honeymooning is all about entering the coupling phase with uplifting workouts and fitness sessions, treated with intimate couple massages, gluten free gourmet cuisines and exotic teas.

Honeymoons are all about unloading the post wedding exhaustion and unwind at a wellness retreat or a luxury health resorts with a tailored daily schedule under the scrutiny of health advisors with retreat programmes which include healthy cooking sessions consuming the food groups which will get you in a better shape.

Wellness honeymoons and Health Honeymooning for Boomerang Generation Honeymooners

Post wedding cleanse is all about getting rid of the unaccounted consumption of fat and gluten laden food and consuming with good spirit servings of low calorie fresh spa organic foods with the right kind of practice of portion control. Wellness honeymoons come with Dr Cupid’s no tech spaces that allows you to unplug and swap virtual world with real sounds of nature. Spa and health retreats guarantee restored sense of wellness in the lap of luxury and sophistication.

A private spa suite and villa ensures the right kind of privacy. Private infinity pools, spacious lawns, couple spas and sauna, butler’s pantry, open-to-sky outdoor shower, horizon touching gazebos and candle light dinners are spoilt for choices for marital bliss. Philippines, Arizona, Utah, Mexico, Hua Hin and Koh Samui in Thailand, Alicante in Spain, Umbria, South Tyrol and Capri in Italy are the hotspots for detox honeymoons for the couples on their extravaganza of fly and flop holidays whisking each other away from the world of endless congratulatory messages and calls and connecting with each other instead.

Health Honeymooning is about entering the coupling phase with uplifting yoga sessions in the middle of a tropical rainforest, being treated to a series of intimate couple massages and Turkish Hammam. It is having smaller portions of gluten free gourmet cuisines and exotic Green and Earl teas. Honeymoon wellness retreats create a tailored daily program with health advisors. It helps unload post wedding exhaustion.

Fitness sessions are designed in a way for bonding over Aerobics, Salsa, Zumba, TRX, Circuit training and healthy cooking sessions. The retreat programs help couples to feeling energized and rejuvenated as they discover a lot more about each other.



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