What no one tells you about Australia’s Coastal Capital Adelaide?

what no one tells you about australias adelaide

What no one tells you about Australia’s Adelaide

Adelaide is the capital of South Australia but it is emerging as a lifestyle capital of Australia. Kangaroo crackers, lemon drizzled scallops, ice plant, mayonnaise, fish and chips and the local fruit of karkalla are must try. Lady Burra Brewhouse microbrewery is a must visit for its craft beer. An extreme war bird Flight above the Adelaide city is a must do. Adelaide has the best off road tracks and so a bike tour is a must do. This is a concise digest of what no one tells you about Australia Adelaide.

1. Adelaide zoo or Monarto Open Range Zoo is adjoined by the Adelaide Botanical Gardens replete with wildlife including giant pandas, kangaroos, quokkas, wallabies, potoroos, emus, koalas, vertical gardens and terrariums.

2. Rundle Mall, East End, King William Street, Norwood, Magill Street, Jetty Road, Harbor town and Burnside Village offer diverse experiences in shopping. Rundle Mall is famous for its street pedestrianised architecture locally known as Mall’s Balls with an Arcade entrance of a fountain and life sized pigs namely Truffles, Horatio, Oliver and Augusta.

victoria square adelaide australia travel dejavu                                                                                       Image Credits : Expedia

3. Victoria Square or Tarndanyangga  is at the centre of the city at the intersection with Grote Street, Wakefield street and King William Street with well-preserved 19th century buildings. The fountain that represents Murray, Torrens and Onkaparinga which are rivers of South Australia is the main attraction. The surviving tram of this region departs from here and tours to the suburb of Glenelg. Victoria Square is the centre of One Square Mile Grid of Adelaide.

4. Haigh’s chocolate factory at Greenhill Road in Parkside is a must visit.

5. National Motor Museum at Birdwood will grip you with the collection of vintage locomotives.

adelaide town hall australia travel dejavu                                                                               Image Credits : cabaretfringefestival

6. Adelaide Town Hall is a classical styled landmark heritage Victorian building featuring Corinthian style ornamentation built of local Tea Tree Gully freestone and Dry Creek bluestone. There are carved keystones in the façade and iconic bust of Queen Victoria. The Clock Tower is known as Albert Tower named after Queen Victoria’s consort. The organ, foyer, grand marble staircase, sanctum and balcony are its noticeable features.

7. Elder park is located on the slopes of the south bank of Torrens Lake in the precincts of Adelaide Festival Centre.

8. JamFactory at 19 Morphett St is all about contemporary artwork with the best of glass work and ceramics.

9. The Victorian architecture of the Moseley Square is a must see.

10. Giant Rocking horse at the toy factory at Gumeracha is an attention-grabbing thing to see.

11. Adelaide boasts of its own casino called Adelaide Casino and was once a railway station.

port adelaide australia travel dejavu                                                                                      Image Credits : Pinterest

12. Port Adelaide is a state heritage Area replete with activities such as dolphin spotting on cruises from nearby marina and with museums of Aviation and Maritime. Fisherman’s Wharf market forms an inevitable part in the region’s seafaring history.

13. Franklin Street and Linear park are best to explore via bicycle rides.

14. Port River is the home to Dolphin colony.

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Adelaide is perfect in every season so make sure your include it your itinerary and do not fail to cover the places mentioned in what no one tells you about Australia’s Adelaide.

15. Barossa valley and Clare Valley are the oldest grape-growing regions. Wine tasting and winery tours replete with cellar doors and farm shops through the regions of Barossa, Clare, Coonawarra or McLaren Vale is a must do. Rieslings are a must try.

16. Glenelg is a sea side resort suburb in Gulf St Vincent is the oldest European settlement on the mainland of South Australia and can be reached at by tram or catamaran ride as you can also choose to swim alongside dolphins. Brighton, Creek Wetlands and Grange are some of the must visit suburbs.

shark cage adelaide australia travel dejavu                                                                                   Image Credits : Hot Getaways

17. Port Lincoln enables you to dive by the side of sharks from a safety box. You can also swim along sea lions in here.

18. Victoria Harbor which is a seaside locale is a great spot for day trippers with exquisite surf beaches, whale watching cruises and fishing charter. The tram tour between Encounter Bay and Granite island is a must do.

19. The rock formations at the Flinders Ranges with the sites of Remarkable Rocks, Admirals Arch and Kelly Hill caves are a must see.

flinders ranges australia adeliade travel dejavu                                                                                 Image Credits : Southaustralia com

20. Peninsular towns of Goolwa by the Murray River and inland towns of Strathalbyn and Mount Compass are just the thing in here.

21. Semaphore is with its beachside cafes has got an understated dated air with an extensive esplanade.

22. James Beach is Blackeby’s old fashioned sweet shop and is a must visit.

23. Peel Leigh Street boasts off the best cocktail joints.

24. Adelaide Hills has the River Torrens running through it with the quaint villages of Stirling and Aldgate. A ride on the Steam Ranger through the hills is a must do.

25. River Torrens is worth spending time at above the Pop-eye cruise.

gully waterfalll adelaide australia travel dejavu                                                                              Image Credits : Waterfallgully au

26. Gully Waterfalls in Mount Lofty is home to the largest of the seven waterfalls in the park.

27. North terrace is tree-lined boulevard and colonnade with the lining of 19th century buildings of South Australia. It separates central Adelaide from River Torrens. The Walk of Fame has the figurines and plaques.

adelaide central market australia travel dejavu                                                                  Image Credits : Adelaidecentralmarket com au

28. Adelaide Central Market in the vicinity of Grote Street and Victoria square is produce packed with baked items and cheeses. Adelaide has farm-fresh artisanal produce, hormone-free meats, smoked meats and seafood.

29. The eco-friendly passenger bike called tree cycle is quite a rage run around by caddies. Eco friendly bicycle tours and bike rides will have you the city covered in 20 minutes.

adelaide tree cycle australia travel dejavu                                                                                Image Credits : Priscillacorbell

30. Fleurieu Peninsula has the best to offer to excursionists with spaces like Port Willunga, Deep Creek and Normanville and is replete with coastal thrills and secluded and unspoilt beaches. Encounter Coast on this peninsula is perfect for weekends with its surf beaches.for

31. Kangaroo island is the right place to be in South Australia off the mainland with ferries from Glenelg and Cape Jervis. It is all about getting close to the native Australian wildlife with the likes of koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, emus and echidnas. Cleland Park and Gorge Parks allow being in the proximity of these wildlife. Seal Bay is all about sea lions gyrating all over the site.

kangaroo island adelaide australia travel dejavu                                                                                   Image Credits : australia com

32. Granite Island is a nature reserve which has natural rock formations got the colony of is a haven for penguin tours as you can spot colony of wild Little penguins. A horse drawn tram ride is great for the romantics.

33. Henley Beach lets you discover River Torrens Linear trail which is a hike from hills to the coast with shared use pedestrian and cycling paths.

34. Colonel Light’s lookout also referred to as Light’s vision on Montefiore Hill is the tunnel vision for the city enclosed by park lands.

lights vision adelaide travel dejavu                                                                                   Image Credits : TripAdvisor

35. Cockle train is a steam ranger heritage railway on Adelaide hills with rides between the route of Goolwa and Victor Harbor.

36. Eyre Peninsula is rightly the big sky country and is cutting edge with its seafood bounty. Eyre Peninsula is the heaven for spotting sharks, sea lions and dolphins. It is quite unspoilt and is the coastal getaway with vast coastline and a less congested expanse.

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37. Glen Forest Park is a picturesque spot with vineyards of Chardonnay, Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Penfolds Magill Estate winery has also got the best known wines and winery cellar door in Adelaide. 

38. Adelaide’s showstopper is a must do for its “guys and dolls” showstopper.

aldinga beach adelaide australia travel dejavu                                                                             Image Credits : aussietowns com au

38. Aldinga Beach, Sellicks Beach, Moana and Silver Sands are beaches that offer a peaceful setting for a great day.

carrick hill adelaide australia travel dejavu                                                                                 Image Credits : australiantraveller

39. Carrick Hill in the suburb of Springfield at the foot of the Adelaide Hills stands as an antediluvian asset.

40. St. Peter’s Cathedral is an Anglican seat of the Archbishop of Adelaide and a significant landmark with an impressive rose window.

41. Kangaroo Island lets you stay in the vicinity with its resistant kangaroos. You can enjoy the finest foods and wines as you feed kangaroos as they hop by.

42. Seal Bay or Admirals Arch is an island with beaches with seals making fun all over.

43. Remarkable Rocks is a haven for wallaby or kookaburra species.

44. Barossa is one of world’s greatest wine regions with vineyards and farms.

45. Glenelg has the largest undercover market in the southern hemisphere and you can also spend time swimming with the uber friendly dolphins.

46. Hahndorf is a hamlet in Adelaide Hills, Hunter Valley and Murray River are some of the most picturesque turfs of Adelaide.

Thus is the account of what no one tells you about Australia’s Adelaide. Share your thoughts on cosmopolitan coastal capital of South Australia in this write up what no one tells you about Australia’s Adelaide.


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